Tom Shuker

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Tom Shuker understands the value of a good team- one that runs smoothly, one where communication and ideas flow, and where things get done. Over his thirty plus years at General Motors and his subsequent years as a top consultant, he has had the rare privilege of seeing just what all can be accomplished when people get together and all the pieces of the “puzzle” work and accomplish the goal for which they were designed.

Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Tom grew up in a home that encouraged trust, and he was instilled with a sense of diplomacy and faith in his fellow men and women in his life. Those qualities are evident to those who have worked with him through the years, and he says that many times he has found himself as “the go-between, the listener.” 

Tom graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State, and after completing his MBA in his early thirties, he began a journey through many parts of the GM organization. His work in these various roles honed his communications skills and his ability to transform complicated ideas into practical, doable concepts. 
In 1994, Tom was invited into the rarified air of a very special project at GM, a joint venture with Toyota that he says was the best career move he ever made. It was an elite group of invitees to say the least. Only 12 people annually in all of GM were asked to be in this two-year intensive program that taught “The Toyota Way”. Tom and Wife packed up their belongings, sold their home in Michigan, and moved to Fremont California for two years of rigorous training that he admits changed his life in many ways. 

These days after spending 20 years as a principle of a small consulting organization working to help improve and transform organizations all over the world, Tom has shifted his focus to use these learning’s in a role as a realtor on the “Romanowski Homes” team at Greenridge Realty EGR. Janet Romanowski , his daughter, started her business 14 years ago and has developed it into one of the top teams in West Michigan. 

What better way to enjoy life than to take the experiences I have learned over 50 years in business and work side by side with my daughter. Tom knows how blest he is to be doing this, and at the same time be living in Grand Rapids, MI. with his wife and two daughters, son-in-law and four wonderful granddaughters.