Haunted Houses For Sale!

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Haunted houses are fun at Halloween, but would you be willing to put up with ghosts and things that go bump in the night on a regular basis??

Well according to the Realtor.com 2018 Haunted Real Estate Report, many of you would! Over a third of people polled said they would buy a haunted home if it meant a lower price, bigger kitchen and/or was in a good neighborhood! How do you feel about that?

Read the full report HERE!

So, if you don’t mind some ethereal guests in your home, here are a few actual haunted homes that are currently for sale. Let us know if we can help! ;)

Historic Campbell Castle ~ Wichita, KS

It took two years to build this house in the late 1800s and it was modeled after Scottish castle architecture. The 15,000 square-foot Kansas property is on the market for $3.5 million. It has 16 bedrooms, 14 full bathrooms, two half bathrooms and sits on a two-acre lot overlooking the river. Rumors of hauntings abound with claims that ghosts traveled from Europe along with the parts of the house that were originally salvaged from castle ruins.  It’s protected on the National Register of Historic Places.


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The Adam Griffin House ~ New Orleans, LA

This three bedroom, three bath house was built in New Orleans in 1868 by Adam Griffin and promptly abandoned within only months of moving in. As the story goes, Union troops during the Civil War took over the house to store their munitions and as a barracks. So begins the tale of a haunting Civil War double-suicide. As the story goes, two Confederate soldiers, disguised as Union soldiers, were caught looting nearby houses. Upon capture, they continued their ruse Union soldiers hoping they’d avoid the death penalty for their crime. They were held in the Adam Griffin House where they awaited trial. When they realized there would be no leniency the legend has it they bribed a soldier to smuggle them two guns and shot each other simultaneously in the heart. Throughout the years numerous paranormal sightings of these two ghosts have been reported by various inhabitants of the house. Today, it’s on the market for just over $1 million. It boasts three bedrooms and three bathrooms and comes in at a total of 4,170 square feet.


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The Uhli Home ~ Silver City, NM

This Victorian home in a former mining town is full of spook and charm. Located in Silver City, New Mexico, it has five bedrooms and three baths, including an in-law apartment. The house is listed for $351,500 and the ghost rumors are real enough that they’re even included in the listing description. It’s said that the spirits of pioneers Stefan and Suzanna Uhli haunt its halls.


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The Schweppe Mansion ~ Lake Forest, IL

Overlooking the shores of Lake Michigan sits the 1917 mansion, built for newlyweds Laura & Charles Schweppe, also known as Mayflower Place, it played host to royalty at one time. Twenty years after they married, Laura died unexpectedly of a heart attack. The ghost tale says that she bequeathed most of her estate to her children, rather than her husband. Four years after her death, Charles committed suicide after leaving a bizarre note for his children to find. It’s said the couple remain in the home together, visiting several bedrooms of the estate. The 25,000 square-foot property has 10 bedrooms and sits on a 5.4-acre lot. The asking price is $8.95 million.


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