Getting ready to sell - Spring is here!

If you’re thinking of listing your home this spring or summer, then now is the perfect time to do some things around the house to prepare.  These simple do-it-yourself tips will make your house sell faster, sell for more money, and make the process much less stressful for your family.

This is the first recommendation of every realtor out there.  Get rid of some stuff!  Some recommend removing half the furniture in your rooms.  It makes the rooms seem bigger, cleaner, and more welcoming.

This means DEEP clean, folks! We’re not just talking scrubbing the tubs and dusting the ceiling fans here - deep down clean, top to bottom. You want to show potential buyers the best side of your home.  Pull everything out of all your closets, get rid of what you can, and organize whatever must stay.  Storage is a huge issue for home buyers, and a clean and organized closet will make them see how well they can use the space too.

You may still be in love with the bright orange office walls and the pink bathroom, but other people probably don’t share your tastes.  Even if it’s boring, it’s time to paint your walls a neutral color, appealing to the masses.  Don’t forget the molding and baseboards too.  Painting those will give the house an instant facelift!

Remove Personal Touches
Family photos are so important to many people, but it’s hard for buyers to imagine themselves in a house that has a lot of personalization.  Replace some of the photos with generic art, and take down things like children’s growth charts or awards.

Find Paperwork
While cleaning out those closets, set aside paperwork that is pertinent to the sale of the house. You will need the deed, as well as things like receipts and manuals for major upgrades including furnaces, hot water heaters, appliances, and other items that stay with the house.

Getting ready to show a house doesn’t happen overnight, and things will go much smoother if you have the luxury of preparing ahead of time. You may even want to consider renting a small storage unit for a short amount of time to make your house ready.

These simple tips should get you off to a great start. You will definitely be ready when the weather turns around and the buyers start looking!

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